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About Us

Siavash Shabanpour - Founder & Artistic Director

Founded by the visionary Siavash Shabanpour in 2018, Toronto's  Two Thousand Feet Up stands as a pioneering theatre company renowned for its daring and innovative productions that traverse a wide array of themes. Siavash Shabanpour, a distinguished poet, director, and actor born in Tehran, laid the groundwork for this transformative artistic journey during his studies in Theatre Studies at York University in Toronto. Under Shabanpour's artistic direction,  Two Thousand Feet Uphas curated an impressive repertoire, featuring captivating plays like "Chekhov in Shaw St" (2021) and "The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield in the Bosnian War" (2018), reflecting a steadfast commitment to diverse and thought-provoking works.

This groundbreaking company not only showcases Shabanpour's creative brilliance but also actively contributes to Toronto's vibrant theatre community.  Two Thousand Feet Up, beyond its artistic endeavors, provides invaluable training opportunities in Toronto, nurturing the next generation of theatre artists within an inclusive environment. The company's emphasis on diversity and innovation has swiftly elevated them to an exciting force in the city's cultural landscape.

Known for their unwavering commitment to diversity and community engagement,  Two Thousand Feet Upenjoys widespread recognition, particularly within the Iranian community. Their consistently sold-out shows underscore not only their popularity but also the transformative power of theatre in uniting people and igniting essential conversations. As a leading voice in Toronto's theatre scene,  Two Thousand Feet Up, guided by Siavash Shabanpour's artistic vision, continues to push boundaries and inspire profound reflections through their groundbreaking productions.

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